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It's really simple tool, so I'm going to be very limited, but at least I will be using the space I'm paying for.  Someday I'll have the skills to do something more advanced...
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 After a few emails back and forth to Yahoo! and it looks like my site will not be coming back. 

I could have gotten it reinstated, but I didn't have the correct answer to my "secrurity question" and I'm not sure what the correct answer is.  I'm not even sure if any of my content would come back with the account anyway, so I think I will just let it go.  I might sign up with a new host  and just put a place holder page up until I get something really nice to go there, but I'm thinking I won't bother to waste the money on that. 

I guess that gives me time to think about what I can do to make the website better when I do bring it back. 
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In an effort to delete an email address I no longer use, I accidently deleted my entire Yahoo! ID account.  

Which means my website is gone.  And I don't think there is a damn thing I can do about it.

It appears I own the domain name until June, but I registered it through Yahoo! so I'm not sure if I can keep it.  

Anyway, that is why my site is down.  

EDIT:  I just got a email from Yahoo! and it looks like if I give them the right infomation they will reactivate my account.  Fingers crossed.

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