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Apr. 12th, 2008 08:06 pm
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If (and it's still and IF) I decide to do the historical masquerade at Costume Con, which outfit should I enter?

The Red Venetian?
Which is definitely more flashy, but rather hard to document since the construction is mostly speculation.  It's also made from decidedly non period materials - it is all polyester and cotton.  And it's "old" to me, and thus not as exciting to wear.

The Doublet Outfit?
Which is not nearly as flashy but easier to document.  Except for the petticoat with the shaped waistband (done out of necessity, but not my favorite feature).  It's made of period materials -  silk taffeta, wool, and a linen silk blend.  It's also new and I am excited about it. 

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I'm very close to being done.  I just have the hem left.  It ended up just a tiny bit short at the front so it's a good thing I got that fabric to bind the hem.  I wanted to finsih tonight, but I left my machine at the theatre.  I'm going to sew the band on by machine and then finish it all up by hand.  


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At 11:30 tonight I decided I was tired of thinking about sleeves, so I made some.  


Jul. 16th, 2006 01:28 am
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I laid out my current sleeves next to my dress in a fashion that simulate how straight sleevs would look with the pattern side ways (perpendicular to the dress).  It really doesn't bother me that much.  I couldn't find any period examples of sleeves with a pattern going a different way than the dress, but they were all about crazy piecing and fabric conservation.  And there is that loose gown in PoF that has the slashes going several different ways.

What do you all think?  Is this a terrible idea?  Would be laughed off Costumers Island? lol ;)

silly me.

Jul. 15th, 2006 10:15 pm
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I had this very Cunning Plan to use the extra at the skirt hem to make some straight sleeves so I can stop fussing with the puff.

And the I realized that if I did that the pattern on the sleeves would be going perpendicular to the rest of the dress.  That might look a little weird.  

I must think more on this. 
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Look!  It's a dress again!

Even the straps are done up.  And I think they are actually done for real this time!

But there's still a problem. Of course.  It's digging under the arms.  A lot.  *sigh*  

It's amazing I don't hate this dress yet. 

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The bodice is back in one piece now.  The extensions are all in.  I haven't tried it on yet to see if it works okay, maybe tomorrow.  It doesn't look too terrible, but it is going to annoy me forever that there are two extra seams in the bodice.  But there was no getting around it.

Next I put the skirt back on and then fuss with the shoulder straps again.  Let's hope that goes better this time. 
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I undid a lot of my hard work last night.  It was necessary to make it better, but it's stil a little painful.  I basically had to completely remove the lining and a lot of the shell.  I cut down the neckline on one side and tweaked the shape of the point at the bottom front.  I also backstitched all the boning channels closed so they boning wouldn't poke into the fabric like before.  I still need to stitch the lining back down and do the other side, but I might bring it to the the show tonight since I have a lot of down time between some of the costume changes.  

I'm still debating corset or no corset in my head.  The no corset is probably going to win due to time constraints, but if I were to do this again I would probably wear one.  My body just looks more properly squished (for lack of a better word) with one, even though the bodice has a lot of boning in it.  

Last night I was sighing over the fact that all my project take me way longer than I feel like they should, and then I realized that it's mostly because I reach a point where I realize something is not right, or not as good as it could be, and I can't just leave it be.  There was a time when this gown was done, except for hemming.  The sleeves were attached and everything.  But it wasn't good enough so I took off the sleeves and then I started messing with the straps, and that lead to now where the bodice is basically in pieces.  I did the same them on Tudor gown, the Tudor kirtle, and the Elizabethan Boy's Outfit.  My projects aren't slow because I'm a particularly slow sewer, I just tend to learn a lot as I go and instead of applying what I learned to a new project I go back and fix the problems on my current one.  It's a good thing and a bad thing, I suppose.   
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I put in some temporary extensions in the bodice to see if i could get it right.  I also tried it on with and without a corset.  So here's with and here's without.  Not much difference, eh?  I think most of the small difference there is, is due to that, even though I took it in more after I took off the corset, it's still a little loose.  And I think it will be more comfortable without one - mostly because of the heat.  And I wouldn't have to repair my old corset or make a new one.

There's a bunch of things that still need tweaking.  The neckline most definately has to come down, the straps need to be cut back or moved completely, and the front point needs some shaping.  Not to mention the sleeves, reattaching the skirt, hemming (and I really want a narrow gaurd at the bottom), and the accessories.  Good thing I'm not going to Bristol until  August, lol.   
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I'm going to take some pictures tonight so you all can see what I'm talking about.  

No time now because I'm supposed to be working on stuff for my show...

Anyway, thanks in advance for you help!

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