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It says on my website that my next project is a boned kirtle and fitted English gown. That's pretty much true, though I think I'm going to make a doublet before the fitted English gown.  At least that's what's striking my fancy right now.

The kirtle itself is going to be out of some copper/black cross dye taffeta in my stash.  It's going to be boned so I don't have to wear a separate corset.  I love my white Tudor kirtle in every way so it makes sense to me to do my undergarments that way again.  I want to do more research on kirtles.  I know that research has been done, but I like verifying other people's research with a little bit of my own.  I don't always do that, but in this case I definately want to.  

I think I want to trim the kirtle with some gold braid/trim on the hem, neckline, and matching sleeves.  The petticoat of the Pfalzgr√§fin Dorothea Sabina von Neuburg dress in PoF has a simple gold braid as trim, though I probably won't do the trim up the middle.  It will probably be a side closing kirtle, simply because I like it that way.  I'd love to do it in all linen and silk, but I'll probably have to compromise with my linings and interlining for cost effectiveness.  I'll avoid synthetics however.  I'm looking for to my first project with all natural fibers. ;)  I'm considering using reeds for boning.  If I decide that's going to be too much of a headache I'll just go with the cable ties I usually use.  I'm also thinking about hand sewing the entire thing, but I'm not sure I can make myself hand sew boning channels that will end up hidden and in loooong skirt seams - I know the benefits of doing this, but I'm pretty impatient.  I think I'll probably just do those seams on the machine and the rest by hand (which is pretty much what I do now).  We'll see.  ;)  Oh I'll also have to tackle hand bound eyelets again.  Eek!    
I haven't decided about the doublet yet.  I want to use wool and keep the design fairly simple, but I'm just want sure what it's going to look like yet.  But it definately will be black. 

More musings to come, I'm sure. 

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