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It was good time, even if it was ungodly hot.  Like in the 90's.  But there a good breeze and the site has a lot of shade, so I didn't die of heatstroke or anything.  We watched some sword fighting and ate meat pies and stew trenchers and home made potato chips and drank lemonade.  I bought some teeny tiny stud earrings with a grenric Celtic knot design.  They are very cute and were pretty cheap.  One of the vendors almost convinced me to buy a lovely black and sliver dagger, but I really have no use for it so I was strong and walked away.  I blame my desire for weaponry on the fact I was a "boy" today.  I got lots of compliments and three random people too my picture, lol.  One lady said my outfit was "tasteful" which is so funny because of all the not so tasteful stuff that you see at Faires...but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?

I wore the Boy's Outfit with the sleeves.  Of course they were just safety pinned in because I never got around to putting in ties, but it still looked fine.  I took them off less than an hour after we got there because it was so hot.  I actually walked around most of the day with the doublet unhooked and my shirtcollar untied, but it didn't seem too improper as a young rogue. ;)  It's actually a pretty breezy outfit without the sleeves since the breeches aren't lined.  It's kinda of a good thing I didn't have the Venetian finished becuase I would have been much more uncomfortable in that than in the Boy's Outfit in the horrible heat.

I didn't really see any great grab though.  The SCA folks were all decked out in early period stuff which I don't know anything about, so I couldn't really tell you if it was any good or not.  The rest was just the typical Faire Wear.  Some of it was really cute though. 

There was one woman there who knew my friend and apparently sews for a madrigal group and we geeked out about sewing stuff for awhile.  She asked if I couched the cord on and told me my shirt had a nice gusset.  I was tickled to talk to someone who could identify details like that! 

But yeah, it was good day. 

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