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Jul. 6th, 2008 10:37 pm
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I have recovered from my corset disaster last week.  And this time it's much prettier. ;)

Pictures! )


Jun. 28th, 2008 05:29 pm
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I put together my modified Effigy stays and it was perfect!   It turned out exactly like I wanted - flat in the front with great waist definition.  Of course it's more difficult to get in to than a front lacing corset, and not strictly accurate, but I did get what I was aiming for.  I meant to take a picture, but the temporary lacing strips ripped off the back before I got the chance.   The only problem with the actual corset was the round reed  I tried.  Some of it snapped at the waist, so I need to buy some split cane or plastic instead. 

Anyway, tonight I would like to get all the pieces for the final version cut out and basted and tomorrow I want to sew the channels.

new corset

Jun. 26th, 2008 10:38 pm
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The pieces for the mock up are cut out and i ordered an awl and a bias tape maker.  I will have no excuses. :)
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As thrilled as I am with the red corset appearing in my icon, I have a plan of improvements for my next foray into 16th Century stays.  Most of it is pretty simple; lowering the front and back, extending the point in the front, and narrowing the straps.  But I am also trying to find a way to reconcile my preference for a back lacing corset with my love of the front lacing Effigy stays.  I have tried the Dorothea bodies, but I do not get the same waist definition and I don't find them as comfortable.

 For this corset, I am going to pattern up my stays exactly like my red stays, but with the above changes and with an opening in the back.  The front opening will be sewn together instead of lacing up and the lacing will be in the back.  I could just make the corset front and back lacing and do the tightening from the back, but I think one solid piece in the front will give me that flatter shape I am looking for.  If I don't like it, I can either making it a front and back lacing corset or, if I haven't put any holes in it yet, I can just close up the back and open up the front.  No wasted work.

I have no documentation to back this up, but the pattern itself is at least period.  This is an experiment based on personal preference alone, though I will write up my findings here and also add them to the corset article I wrote last year.  Which will be post on my website once I get it back up.  ;)

I will be using one layer of cotton duck, on of a silk-linen blend (the "fashion fabric"), and possibly a layer of muslin on the inside and then I will bind it with blue satin.  For boning, I am going to test out a combination of small round reeds and a few pieces of steal.  If I don't like the reeds, I'll probably use cable ties. 

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