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 After a few emails back and forth to Yahoo! and it looks like my site will not be coming back. 

I could have gotten it reinstated, but I didn't have the correct answer to my "secrurity question" and I'm not sure what the correct answer is.  I'm not even sure if any of my content would come back with the account anyway, so I think I will just let it go.  I might sign up with a new host  and just put a place holder page up until I get something really nice to go there, but I'm thinking I won't bother to waste the money on that. 

I guess that gives me time to think about what I can do to make the website better when I do bring it back. 
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In an effort to delete an email address I no longer use, I accidently deleted my entire Yahoo! ID account.  

Which means my website is gone.  And I don't think there is a damn thing I can do about it.

It appears I own the domain name until June, but I registered it through Yahoo! so I'm not sure if I can keep it.  

Anyway, that is why my site is down.  

EDIT:  I just got a email from Yahoo! and it looks like if I give them the right infomation they will reactivate my account.  Fingers crossed.


Mar. 5th, 2008 11:06 pm
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I have declared March to be my personal Costume Finishing Month, but I've barely done any sewing.  Today I was fairly productive on "life" stuff so hopefully that will leave more time for sewing this weekend.  I want the doublet outfit 100% finished by the end of the month, down to undergarments and accessories so I really need to get moving.  

So next I need to bind the armseyes (boooring) and then do a billion tabs.  And figure out what I'm going to do for sleeves.
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I really really like doing it.  It's soothing and engaging at the same time, somehow.  And it just looks so cool!  I'm not great at tucking in the threads so they stay in securely, but other than that I'm really happy with my abilities based on this bit of practice.  I pretty much went as far as could with the information I had (a handout Bess emailed me about two years ago and I finally got to - thanks Bess!) so I ordered some books tonight at work.  I have Beginner's Guide to Blackwork and Beautiful Blackwork Samplers by Lesley Wilkins.  Does anyone know anything about those books?  I don't have to buy them when they come in, so if there's some better I should get I can.  Those were the best I could get through work, though, and I can use my discount on them.  ;)  

On a different note, I probably won't get back to the doublet until next week.  I'm going on a trip this weekend so that's cutting into my free time.  After that, I'm cracking down though!

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 The first toile I didn't take any pictures of.  It was sort of a wreck to look it, but it got me here. 

So I think I'm ready to move on to trying this in interlining.  One more chance to tweak before I cut my wool!
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By chance I came across a book at 18th Century fashion at work yesterday.  Since it was a hard back book with a jacket I was able to borrow it for two weeks (we turn in the jacket and sign for it and pay for it if we don't return it).  I haven't much time to look through it yet but it seems like it has lots of information and beautiful portrait details.  Not as many pictures and extant garments as I would have hoped, though.  It is Dress in Eighteenth-Century Europe 1715-1789 by Aileen Ribeiro.  Anyone know anything about it?  Is it a good source? 


Jan. 12th, 2008 07:55 pm
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Do I need to put boning in my doublet?  If so, won't that make wearing it open rather difficult?  
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I started working on the doublet tonight after I adjust the cover of my dress form - the shoulders were much too big compared to mine.  But the corset fits on the form now, so I think that problem is mostly solved. 

Anyway, I decided to drape the doublet because I wasn't in the mood to draw out a flat pattern and then have to mess with it.  Draping seems so much more efficient to me.  So here are the results.  

So that's my work for the evening.  Thoughts on the fit before I make the mock up?
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 I took some pictures of the petticoat, which are not particularly good, but here they are. 

That fabric is happy to be something now. :) 

My next feat will be attempting to make my dress form more like me.  Right.


Feb. 14th, 2007 10:34 pm
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I want to sew.

But I accidentally got a little drunk on wine.  


I think I'm going to try anyway...
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Omg I sewed!

The kirtle has a skirt now.  But it's not sitting right at the waist in front.  I think I need to fuss with the pleats.  And the shoulder straps aren't the same length.  Grr.  So I need to fix those things, hem it and then trim the hem and then I'm done! 

I feel so decadent running around it a silk dress!
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I found out this morning that my proposal for a research project on 16th century corsetry was accepted to the USITT conference!  YAY!

I'm still not sure if I am actually going, though.  It all depends on if I can find people to share a hotel room with.  As of right now I'm not having any luck, but I'm hoping I'll find some more ISU students that are going when I ask around tomorrow.  

Even if I can't go my professor will present my project for me, so it will still get shown.  

Now I just have to, you know, do the project... ;)


Feb. 1st, 2007 11:34 am
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I changed my picture on facebook to the one that's in my icon right now and a friend of mine commmented that I was the only person he knew that could get away with a picture like that without looking too "ren-faire-ish."  In my mind, that's a huge compliment!

In other news, I'm already so nervous/excited about my interviews that my stomach is least I have plenty left to do to keep me busy.
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Anybody know anything about University of California - Irvine? 

I need to email schools I'm interested in tonight to tomorrow, so hopefully they will talk to me when I get interviewed on Saturday.

Problem is, I have no idea which schools I'm interested in.  *sigh* 


Jan. 23rd, 2007 08:59 pm
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1.  I HATE busy work.  I'd like to hope that when I'm in grad school this busy work will go away.  But I doubt it.

2.  This makes me glad I'm in theatre design and can potentially do something crazy crap like this someday. 

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There I was after class chatting with my professor.  I mentioned to her that I had spent a significant amount of time over my break experimenting with 16th century corsetry and that I wanted to write an informal research paper that includes book research and practical application.  She looked really excited and said, "Do you want to do an independent study and then present at USITT?"  

Needless to say,  my answer was YES!!!

She said it will basically be like a big science fair and I'll have a display and a research paper which I will present.  The best part is that it counts as a publication in the theatre field!  Oh and I'll be getting credit for making corsets that I have made/plan on making anyway!  This is really really amazing.  I'm really in shock.  My semester just got much, much busier, but this is so worth it!  

I'll have more details soon...

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Despite the snickers of my friends who have nothing to do with costuming or reenactment (which I take in stride) I decided that once I move wherever I'm going to move this year I'm going to try and seek out local SCA folks and see if I can check out some events.  I'm pretty sure that I would like it and I need more things to wear my costumes to.  And since I won't know anyone where I'm going it will also be a good way to meet people that are outside my school/workplace.  I really need that escape from the "theatre world" or I'll go crazy.  I guess it all depends on who I meet but I'm hoping for the best.  I'll start my search once I know where I'm going.  Which should be sometime in March.    
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I finally finished converting everything on my website to the new pretty look.  There isn't much in the way of new content yet, but I'm working on it slowly.  I going to add an online theatre portfolio, the old dress diaires, and a new dress diary for the bronze kirtle.  For now, here's the pretty!   I learned some stuff in photoshop. ;)

My debate now is the look of the theatre part of the website.  I'm not sure if it's going to be the same as the historical half or something more fitting for my theatre work. 

For now though I'm going to try to put together a skirt tomorrow so maybe I can have a finished project for NaCoFiMo. :)

movie meme

Jan. 13th, 2007 04:22 pm
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Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to list 10 movies: your 5 Favorites & your 5 Guilty Pleasures. Then, pick 5 of your friends and tag them. No tag backs. This explanation should be included.

Favorites (in no particular order):

1. Gone With The Wind -  I'd run away with Rhett Butler any day.  As long I got to steal all of Scarlet's clothes.
2. Sense and Sensibility - I want to marry Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman) and Hugh Laurie is HILARIOUS
3. Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Need I explain?
4. Stage Beauty - It's awesome.  Great costumes, some great acting, go see it.  Now.
5. Shakespeare in Love - I realized it's so good because Tom Stoppard (an amazing playwright) worked on the script.  And the costumes!  So pretty!

Guilty Pleasures (again, in no particular order):

1. Pirates of the Carribean - as much as I love Johnny Depp and Geoffory Rush I can't pretend this movies much more than just entertaining.
2. From Hell -  Johnny Depp and Jack the Ripper.  It's mostly awesome because Johnny Depp is in a bath tub for a while.
3. Chicago - I could watch Catherine Zeta Jones all day. 
4. Fight Club - Sometimes I do in fact like "boy movies."
5. Harry Potter - Magic is fun.  And they wear cool clothes. 

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Well the bad news is that I didn't get to the second round in the design competition.  I didn't have any expectations that I would, though, so I am totally fine with that.  The good news is that I got to come home early because I don't have to stay to present.  The trip over all was pretty good.  A couple of the other designers made it through and I got to see some itneresting designs and watch our actors do their thing.  Good times had by all.  

Maybe I can get my skirt put together in the next two days?  Perhaps!
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