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And anyone else that might be interested!

I was having a discussion tonight with [profile] dalarnahorse123 about the sad lack of costume events here in the Midwest and how neither of us would be able to travel to any of the fabulous ones on the coasts in the next few years.  Then we decided that just maybe we could have some type of event of our own. 

The proposed location is The David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, IL.  I realize that Bloomington is not as exciting as Chicago or some other large city, but it's a fairly central location, near enough that I can host, best of all, cheap!  The mansion itself is a fully restored 1870s style house, built by David Davis, a Supreme Court judge and friend of Abraham Lincoln.  It is quite beautiful inside and out.  We would have full access to the ground floor and I believe the upper floor would be available for tours.  It is an affordable rental for a cocktail style party - we would hope to get the price per person to between $20 and $30 including the catering.  The theme would be a Victorian masked reception, so anything pre-20th Century would be acceptable (though men in modern tuxes would be probably be allowed...;).  I have some possible period and (Free!) musical entertainment lined up and we could certainly put on a stereo with other music later in the night while we munch on hors d'oeuvres and socialize.

After the ball, we discussed reserving a block of hotel rooms in town for after hours socializing.  The next day we would like to arrange a Fitting Luncheon at the hotel, where we would have food and everyone would bring their muslins and help each other pattern and fit whatever project they are working on.  This protion would also depend on interest and the meeting space at the hotel.

We are discussing May or June as possible dates (since we know some parties that may want to attend are pretty tied up during faire season), though we could push it back to September if May or June is too soon.

There are obviously a lot of details to work out, but we need to get an idea of who is interested before we go any farther.  Please comment here, or email me at or Victoria at, if you are interested.  And please spread the word!

*This ad brought to you by the Friends of Abe Lincoln.*
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