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I don't even know where to begin.  The weekend was full of good friends, good costumes, and good times.  I'll give a brief run down of the weekend...there is too much detail to say everything and talk about all the amazing people I met!

Thursday was travel all day, which went really well.  My first flight was delayed, but I had a three hour lay over, so it wasn't a big deal.  I explored the hotel and I met one of my fabulous roommates [personal profile] bauhausfrau (while I had a towel on my head fresh out of the shower of course).  It was a pretty early night but we had a nice time chatting.  And I have to say we hoped all night that [personal profile] jubilima would come.  Jennifer, we really really missed you.

Friday we got up pretty early and got dressed.  I ran around in my Effigy stays and petticoat all day.  I have to admit I felt pretty cute.  [personal profile] bauhausfrau and I had breakfast with [profile] demode_kvc and [profile] trystbat, both of whom I'd never met in real life before.  They were very very welcoming and it was a great way to start the day.  Later we went to the dealer's room (pretties!) and then to the life Frock Flicks recording.  It was hilarious.  That afternoon my second fabulous roommate [profile] seekatesew arrived and joined our crazy night fun.  That night was the Victorian Underwear Party and the Pretty Pretty Princess Party which was too fun for words.  I got rather tipsy and danced on the beds and sang and was just generally very happy.

Saturday I wore the doublet outfit, which I was very very pleased with.  I won an "Evil Genius of the Day Hall Costuming Award" for it too! 
Thought I missed the announcement of it because we skipped out on the Scifi masquerade awards because the whole thing took so long...  [personal profile] koshka_the_cat also won that day for her sheer dress and [personal profile] bauhausfrau won for the whole weekend for her AMAZING 18th c wardrobe.  I drolled over it all weekend.  On Saturday I went to [profile] demode_kvc's Victorian bodice draping class which was really good (and I may be putting it to use soon!) and [personal profile] myladyswardrobe fabulous Elizabethan Supermodel talk.  That night was the Scifi masquerade which was fun, but riddled with technical difficulties which made it drag (behold the glory of The Screen!).  Afterwards was more socializing and another fun but late night.  The funniest part was walking by some guests of the hotel who were not part of the con who stopped us and asked us who we were.  I said I was Queen Elizabeth since there was a chance they might get that reference.  His answer?  "Oh, you don't want to be her, she died in a tunnel."  I literally fell on the floor laughing. 

Sunday I spent most of the day preparing for the masquerade, which went extremely well for everyone.  [personal profile] myladyswardrobe won a "Best Workmanship" award for her stunning 1588 gown, which made me gasp when I saw it.  I got an "Honor of Excellence" for my Venetian outfit, which I was thrilled about!  Especially since the documentation and the presentation were so last minute.  Then of course were my amazing friends that won "Best in Show" for the AMAZING Empress Eugenie and her Ladies in Waiting, which was too beautiful for words.  Congrats to everyone!  Afterwards was a celebration in the bar and then an early night because I was wiped out.  Everyone in the bar sang "Happy Birthday" to me which was pretty fabulous.  Sunday I caught breakfast with many of my friends and then caught my flight home.

It was a truly amazing weekend and I met so many wonderful people I haven't mentioned here.  There are just too many!  I am already planning for next year. ;)  More on that later. ;)

All of my pictures can be found here, though I don't have many from Sunday.  Feel free to copy pictures if you want them.

EDIT:  I forgot to actually add in the link to the album!  Fixed! 
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