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I managed to focus myself and I finished trimming the rest of the tabs (like 15 of them).  I had just enough cord, thank god.  I still need to finish the ends and attach them to the doublet, but I feel like I made some major progress.  I could probably work a little bit more tonight, but my hands are tired and verging on achey, so they will get the rest of the night off.  (Aside from the typing...)

I still have a TON to do.  Finishing my tabs (actually they are loops...but I started calling them tabs and now I can't seem to break the habit) and attaching them to the shoulders and waist.  I need to do the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.  I am going to cheat and do the holes by machine.  It will be the only machine stitching on the doublet, but I don't have the time to acquire the necessary button hole skills to do it by hand.  Considering my eyelets still sucks and I've practiced those waaay more.  I need to repleat my petticoats and put some eyelets in the waistbands and in the corset to hold them up.  I need a partlet and a new chemise.  And a hat.  


Date: 2008-03-28 07:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Join the club. I have loads to do on my doublet too AND kirtle!

So far I have a fitting bodice and a fitted doublet! Mum helped tighten the shoulders on the bodice and fitted the doublet on me yesterday so I am happy.
I am working on putting the braid pattern onto the doublet today - using my dirty little costuming secret! basting glue - the type in a twist up stick. Just run the braid along it on one side and then stick in place. Then I can hand stitch the braid down. Its brilliant. The braid then won't move around as I try to stitch it down.

Once thats done, I can then machine up the doublet and fit the collar. Hope I can get all that done today/evening (especially as I am actually supposed to be working from home today! I have a process doc to write which will be quite a lot of fun - no seriously, I do enjoy that!). Also hoping to finish off those tabs. Am at 35 now and need at least 50 (but only one has actually been properly made up and looks so darling!!)

Ah well, better get on with those tabs!

Date: 2008-03-30 06:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
At least the fitting is over. :)

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