Jul. 15th, 2008

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I had went many or may not be a stroke of genius last night, which negates that big post about "a plan" that I made...

How could it be anything but awesome if I made my black and gold fabric into a version of The Darnley Portrait gown

But, a doublet gown made of black 100% polyester brocade is not really good idea of an August Renaissance faire trip.  So for Bristol, I will probably make a gown inspired by this.  I have the red velvet, which I was planning on using in an Italian doublet gown, but I'm not terrible excited by the idea of that project right now anyway.  And there's always more velvet to be had if I want to make it in the future. 

The real trick is that I want to make both of those gowns as well as this and this by Costume Con next year.  For me, that is  A LOT, especially with two gowns from periods I've never done before.  But I have convinced myself I need all of them, so I'm going to give it a shot. ;) 

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