May. 13th, 2008

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I am not going to make an Italian dress instead.  Back to the Flemish plan.

So I took a look at the insides of my green kirtle bodice and I think the wrinkle was caused by the top fabric shifting as I put in the eyelets.  I tried to fuss with it and fix it, but since there's no shifting the fabric around the eyelets, I'm pretty much SOL on that account.  Which is fine because the  bodice is too short on the sides and the shoulder straps are messed up anyway.  I was also not crazy about my color scheme - the blue and the green made the whole thing really cold and in most of the pictures they are warm.  That could very well be artistic license, and it just didn't feel right.

So I ordered four yards of this tonight and I'm going to make a new kirtle out of it.  The over dress will still be blue.  That's kind of a crazy color combo, but that's totally period.  :)  

Until that fabric gets here I can work on fitting a new kirtle bodice and even the over gown once I get the under bodice fitted. 

I am excited about this again. 

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