Mar. 28th, 2008

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I managed to focus myself and I finished trimming the rest of the tabs (like 15 of them).  I had just enough cord, thank god.  I still need to finish the ends and attach them to the doublet, but I feel like I made some major progress.  I could probably work a little bit more tonight, but my hands are tired and verging on achey, so they will get the rest of the night off.  (Aside from the typing...)

I still have a TON to do.  Finishing my tabs (actually they are loops...but I started calling them tabs and now I can't seem to break the habit) and attaching them to the shoulders and waist.  I need to do the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.  I am going to cheat and do the holes by machine.  It will be the only machine stitching on the doublet, but I don't have the time to acquire the necessary button hole skills to do it by hand.  Considering my eyelets still sucks and I've practiced those waaay more.  I need to repleat my petticoats and put some eyelets in the waistbands and in the corset to hold them up.  I need a partlet and a new chemise.  And a hat.  


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