Apr. 17th, 2017 12:14 pm
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Um, Pure Silks actually has my Gala gown fabric in stock! I originally bought it like 5 years ago!

That shouldn't totally surprise me because when I first ordered it they were able to weave some more for me, but this means I can get more and I don't have to just live with the water stains! I really didn't think they were making this one anymore.

This changes everything!

a decision

Nov. 5th, 2008 08:45 pm
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 This journal is going all personal - opinions, whining, ranting, chatter about my every day life, etc. 

[livejournal.com profile] sewchangeable is my new sewing journal.

You can friend me at one, both or neither.  [livejournal.com profile] sewchangeable will be public posts and the ones here will be mostly friends locked.  There will be some cross over of sewing content of course, but you won't miss anything sewing related at the other journal.  

That's all. :) 

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It's really simple tool, so I'm going to be very limited, but at least I will be using the space I'm paying for.  Someday I'll have the skills to do something more advanced...
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I tossed out an idea for a Midwest costuming event at a historical mansion in Bloomington, IL.  Just follow the link for info.

The back up plan is to attend a tea event already scheduled there in full Victorian dress.  I still need to double check that attending in costume is okay, but I sang at one of these events and I get the feeling they would LOVE It to have a few people show up in costume.
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And anyone else that might be interested!

I was having a discussion tonight with [profile] dalarnahorse123 about the sad lack of costume events here in the Midwest and how neither of us would be able to travel to any of the fabulous ones on the coasts in the next few years.  Then we decided that just maybe we could have some type of event of our own. 

The proposed location is The David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, IL.  I realize that Bloomington is not as exciting as Chicago or some other large city, but it's a fairly central location, near enough that I can host, best of all, cheap!  The mansion itself is a fully restored 1870s style house, built by David Davis, a Supreme Court judge and friend of Abraham Lincoln.  It is quite beautiful inside and out.  We would have full access to the ground floor and I believe the upper floor would be available for tours.  It is an affordable rental for a cocktail style party - we would hope to get the price per person to between $20 and $30 including the catering.  The theme would be a Victorian masked reception, so anything pre-20th Century would be acceptable (though men in modern tuxes would be probably be allowed...;).  I have some possible period and (Free!) musical entertainment lined up and we could certainly put on a stereo with other music later in the night while we munch on hors d'oeuvres and socialize.

After the ball, we discussed reserving a block of hotel rooms in town for after hours socializing.  The next day we would like to arrange a Fitting Luncheon at the hotel, where we would have food and everyone would bring their muslins and help each other pattern and fit whatever project they are working on.  This protion would also depend on interest and the meeting space at the hotel.

We are discussing May or June as possible dates (since we know some parties that may want to attend are pretty tied up during faire season), though we could push it back to September if May or June is too soon.

There are obviously a lot of details to work out, but we need to get an idea of who is interested before we go any farther.  Please comment here, or email me at lindseyerin37@hotmail.com or Victoria at dalarnahorse123@netzero.net, if you are interested.  And please spread the word!

*This ad brought to you by the Friends of Abe Lincoln.*
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I had went many or may not be a stroke of genius last night, which negates that big post about "a plan" that I made...

How could it be anything but awesome if I made my black and gold fabric into a version of The Darnley Portrait gown

But, a doublet gown made of black 100% polyester brocade is not really good idea of an August Renaissance faire trip.  So for Bristol, I will probably make a gown inspired by this.  I have the red velvet, which I was planning on using in an Italian doublet gown, but I'm not terrible excited by the idea of that project right now anyway.  And there's always more velvet to be had if I want to make it in the future. 

The real trick is that I want to make both of those gowns as well as this and this by Costume Con next year.  For me, that is  A LOT, especially with two gowns from periods I've never done before.  But I have convinced myself I need all of them, so I'm going to give it a shot. ;) 

The Plan!

Jul. 8th, 2008 10:48 pm
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I don't think I've ever said exactly what I plan to do for my new dress.  Or if I did, it was a long time ago. 

All by August 23. :)

Pink Stays

Jul. 6th, 2008 10:37 pm
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I have recovered from my corset disaster last week.  And this time it's much prettier. ;)

Pictures! )


Jun. 28th, 2008 05:29 pm
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I put together my modified Effigy stays and it was perfect!   It turned out exactly like I wanted - flat in the front with great waist definition.  Of course it's more difficult to get in to than a front lacing corset, and not strictly accurate, but I did get what I was aiming for.  I meant to take a picture, but the temporary lacing strips ripped off the back before I got the chance.   The only problem with the actual corset was the round reed  I tried.  Some of it snapped at the waist, so I need to buy some split cane or plastic instead. 

Anyway, tonight I would like to get all the pieces for the final version cut out and basted and tomorrow I want to sew the channels.

new corset

Jun. 26th, 2008 10:38 pm
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The pieces for the mock up are cut out and i ordered an awl and a bias tape maker.  I will have no excuses. :)
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As thrilled as I am with the red corset appearing in my icon, I have a plan of improvements for my next foray into 16th Century stays.  Most of it is pretty simple; lowering the front and back, extending the point in the front, and narrowing the straps.  But I am also trying to find a way to reconcile my preference for a back lacing corset with my love of the front lacing Effigy stays.  I have tried the Dorothea bodies, but I do not get the same waist definition and I don't find them as comfortable.

 For this corset, I am going to pattern up my stays exactly like my red stays, but with the above changes and with an opening in the back.  The front opening will be sewn together instead of lacing up and the lacing will be in the back.  I could just make the corset front and back lacing and do the tightening from the back, but I think one solid piece in the front will give me that flatter shape I am looking for.  If I don't like it, I can either making it a front and back lacing corset or, if I haven't put any holes in it yet, I can just close up the back and open up the front.  No wasted work.

I have no documentation to back this up, but the pattern itself is at least period.  This is an experiment based on personal preference alone, though I will write up my findings here and also add them to the corset article I wrote last year.  Which will be post on my website once I get it back up.  ;)

I will be using one layer of cotton duck, on of a silk-linen blend (the "fashion fabric"), and possibly a layer of muslin on the inside and then I will bind it with blue satin.  For boning, I am going to test out a combination of small round reeds and a few pieces of steal.  If I don't like the reeds, I'll probably use cable ties. 
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I had a really nice day at the faire.  I wore my peasant dress, which is not finished, but wearable which is all it really needed to be.  I wish I could have gotten the guard on the skirt, some sleeves, an apron, and a proper coif, but in the end it didn't matter.  I bought a really nice pendant with a beautiful sparkly green stone (no clue what it actually is) and a ceramic goblet.  There is nothing period about either of them, but they are pretty. 

I did go talk to the people at the SCA booth.  I put my name on the contact list for the new-comers meeting and chatted a little bit.  We'll see where this goes. :)

My pictures are here, though I think both the dress and I looked much better in person. 
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The first run of this I did a bodice and skirt and I pointed the bodice, mostly because I can't figure out how to make a bodice that is straight across comfortable.  The edge digs into my belly that way.  So after looking at the source images and what other people have done I am rethinking that choice.  I am currently leaning toward a kirtle that is A-line in the front and pleated in the back.  The over dress would probably have a waist seam since it will have an open skirt.  That just makes more sense to me.  I'm not really sure how period the A-line kirtle is for 1560/70s, but the images don't really rule it out either.  Those silly aprons make it hard to know anything of what's going on at the waist.   I know I don't want a pointed bodice and I can't get the straight across waist to be comfortable and I think the A-line gowns are really pretty.  So I will probably mock that up soon.     
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I am not going to make an Italian dress instead.  Back to the Flemish plan.

So I took a look at the insides of my green kirtle bodice and I think the wrinkle was caused by the top fabric shifting as I put in the eyelets.  I tried to fuss with it and fix it, but since there's no shifting the fabric around the eyelets, I'm pretty much SOL on that account.  Which is fine because the  bodice is too short on the sides and the shoulder straps are messed up anyway.  I was also not crazy about my color scheme - the blue and the green made the whole thing really cold and in most of the pictures they are warm.  That could very well be artistic license, and it just didn't feel right.

So I ordered four yards of this tonight and I'm going to make a new kirtle out of it.  The over dress will still be blue.  That's kind of a crazy color combo, but that's totally period.  :)  

Until that fabric gets here I can work on fitting a new kirtle bodice and even the over gown once I get the under bodice fitted. 

I am excited about this again. 
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I am very seriously considering making an Italian style peasant dress instead of the Flemish style I planned on.  Because I'm difficult like that. 

I love the pleating on the green linen kirtle I made, but the bodice leaves much to be desired.  The over gown was supposed to be from this blue cotton stuff that is vaguely like wool and I would use that for the main body of the gown and then use the green linen as a lining and possibly guards.  I will probably dye the yellow linen an orangey color for sleeves or maybe guards and do the sleeves in green.  (Here's all the fabric together.)  I can't decide.

Have I mentioned I need to wear this June 22? ;)

Edit:  I would do green guards and orange sleeves.  I do not want to steal Jen Thompson's color scheme.  :)
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I don't even know where to begin.  The weekend was full of good friends, good costumes, and good times.  I'll give a brief run down of the weekend...there is too much detail to say everything and talk about all the amazing people I met!

Thursday was travel all day, which went really well.  My first flight was delayed, but I had a three hour lay over, so it wasn't a big deal.  I explored the hotel and I met one of my fabulous roommates [personal profile] bauhausfrau (while I had a towel on my head fresh out of the shower of course).  It was a pretty early night but we had a nice time chatting.  And I have to say we hoped all night that [personal profile] jubilima would come.  Jennifer, we really really missed you.

Friday we got up pretty early and got dressed.  I ran around in my Effigy stays and petticoat all day.  I have to admit I felt pretty cute.  [personal profile] bauhausfrau and I had breakfast with [profile] demode_kvc and [profile] trystbat, both of whom I'd never met in real life before.  They were very very welcoming and it was a great way to start the day.  Later we went to the dealer's room (pretties!) and then to the life Frock Flicks recording.  It was hilarious.  That afternoon my second fabulous roommate [profile] seekatesew arrived and joined our crazy night fun.  That night was the Victorian Underwear Party and the Pretty Pretty Princess Party which was too fun for words.  I got rather tipsy and danced on the beds and sang and was just generally very happy.

Saturday I wore the doublet outfit, which I was very very pleased with.  I won an "Evil Genius of the Day Hall Costuming Award" for it too! 
Thought I missed the announcement of it because we skipped out on the Scifi masquerade awards because the whole thing took so long...  [personal profile] koshka_the_cat also won that day for her sheer dress and [personal profile] bauhausfrau won for the whole weekend for her AMAZING 18th c wardrobe.  I drolled over it all weekend.  On Saturday I went to [profile] demode_kvc's Victorian bodice draping class which was really good (and I may be putting it to use soon!) and [personal profile] myladyswardrobe fabulous Elizabethan Supermodel talk.  That night was the Scifi masquerade which was fun, but riddled with technical difficulties which made it drag (behold the glory of The Screen!).  Afterwards was more socializing and another fun but late night.  The funniest part was walking by some guests of the hotel who were not part of the con who stopped us and asked us who we were.  I said I was Queen Elizabeth since there was a chance they might get that reference.  His answer?  "Oh, you don't want to be her, she died in a tunnel."  I literally fell on the floor laughing. 

Sunday I spent most of the day preparing for the masquerade, which went extremely well for everyone.  [personal profile] myladyswardrobe won a "Best Workmanship" award for her stunning 1588 gown, which made me gasp when I saw it.  I got an "Honor of Excellence" for my Venetian outfit, which I was thrilled about!  Especially since the documentation and the presentation were so last minute.  Then of course were my amazing friends that won "Best in Show" for the AMAZING Empress Eugenie and her Ladies in Waiting, which was too beautiful for words.  Congrats to everyone!  Afterwards was a celebration in the bar and then an early night because I was wiped out.  Everyone in the bar sang "Happy Birthday" to me which was pretty fabulous.  Sunday I caught breakfast with many of my friends and then caught my flight home.

It was a truly amazing weekend and I met so many wonderful people I haven't mentioned here.  There are just too many!  I am already planning for next year. ;)  More on that later. ;)

All of my pictures can be found here, though I don't have many from Sunday.  Feel free to copy pictures if you want them.

EDIT:  I forgot to actually add in the link to the album!  Fixed! 


Apr. 13th, 2008 12:40 am
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I finished my chemise and made my partlet tonight.  Hand hemmed everything and my hands hurt now, especially my right hand which runs the cash register all day.  But it all looks nice. :)  I skipped the collar and just whip stitched my ruff onto it.  It won't stay that way forever, but for now it will definitely work.  I also finished assembling my sleeves by machine.  Now I just need to put the lining in and finish them off.  I have time tonight, but I think my hands need a break.  I am on schedule, so that's a good sign. 

Still have lots to do. 

a poll

Apr. 12th, 2008 08:06 pm
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If (and it's still and IF) I decide to do the historical masquerade at Costume Con, which outfit should I enter?

The Red Venetian?
Which is definitely more flashy, but rather hard to document since the construction is mostly speculation.  It's also made from decidedly non period materials - it is all polyester and cotton.  And it's "old" to me, and thus not as exciting to wear.

The Doublet Outfit?
Which is not nearly as flashy but easier to document.  Except for the petticoat with the shaped waistband (done out of necessity, but not my favorite feature).  It's made of period materials -  silk taffeta, wool, and a linen silk blend.  It's also new and I am excited about it. 

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The doublet is done, except for the buttons and buttonholes.  I tested a buttonhole and I think I actually can do them by hand, but I'm going to wait until I get the other big things done before I try that. 

Of course this looks way better in person.  The doublet is not crooked or wobbly, just pinned shut.  My only problem with it is that the collar is a bit tight, but I probably won't wear it closed most of the time anyway.  The sleeve is a patterned velvet in black and dark brown on a black background or I might do poofy white sleeves.  I can't decide what I like better.  Currently (in person not in the picture) I like the dark sleeves.  And they are already cut out so they would be really easy to finish. ;)

No more pictures of the whole thing until Costume Con.  :)
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I managed to focus myself and I finished trimming the rest of the tabs (like 15 of them).  I had just enough cord, thank god.  I still need to finish the ends and attach them to the doublet, but I feel like I made some major progress.  I could probably work a little bit more tonight, but my hands are tired and verging on achey, so they will get the rest of the night off.  (Aside from the typing...)

I still have a TON to do.  Finishing my tabs (actually they are loops...but I started calling them tabs and now I can't seem to break the habit) and attaching them to the shoulders and waist.  I need to do the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.  I am going to cheat and do the holes by machine.  It will be the only machine stitching on the doublet, but I don't have the time to acquire the necessary button hole skills to do it by hand.  Considering my eyelets still sucks and I've practiced those waaay more.  I need to repleat my petticoats and put some eyelets in the waistbands and in the corset to hold them up.  I need a partlet and a new chemise.  And a hat.  


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